• Terminal Cleaning Services- We provide cleaning services for day to day cleaning of high – traffic environment i.e. Airport, Railway Station and Bus terminals.

  • Cabin cleaning with flower arrangements.

  • It is the choice commercial cleaning service for companies that care about provide safe, healthy and clean professional working environments for professionals.

We offer regular maintenance, with a special programme for the autumn and winter months, as well as projects (eg landscaping, planting, paving, building) to permanently enhance your garden.

We can clean it up, by intense weeding, pruning, and applying a good cover of mulch or bark to prevent an early recurrence of weeds or we can take it one or two stages better by transforming your garden into the look you have always wanted. Whether your style is low maintenance, dry, sub-tropical, native or tidying the fruit and vege plot, we give you the WOW factor. We also offer hard landscaping like retaining walls, edging, paving to give you the garden of your dreams.

The Airport, Railways stations and Bus terminals are busy for twenty four hours so the terminal cleaning expectations are also high. Travelers coming here are often tried and clean environment can make a huge difference in their moods. Larger quantity of travelers, continuous arrivals and pressures on areas such as washrooms are some of the biggest challenges. And in this environment where anything can happen any time at that time your team needs to be confident, efficient and reliable and are able to cope with all the challenges they face. Sevens manages all the things very efficient and provide healthy and clean environment for their customers.