• HK staff deputed will be disciplined ,reliable, trained and will groomed uniformed

  • personnel with identity cards maintaining high quality standards of your and our office
    In cash of absenteeism, back-up/reliever will be placed with due notice to the office

  • Staff will be work for 8 hrs. as per Shift schedule.

  • Dusting the cabins, Table tops, Panels, Furniture"s, etc.& the overall cleaning of specified are.

  • Cleaning the Doors & Window glasses from the inner side where accessible.

  • Sweeping & Moping of i.e. dry & wet cleaning of the carpeted area & vacuum the Carpeted area .

  • Removing stains from Table tops, Partitions & Walls ( Wherever possible to wash )

  • Cleaning the main & Rear entrance, Stairways, Fire exits other common area.

  • Cleaning the toilets throughout the working hours of the office

  • Cleaning the waste from the dustbins as an when need or after office hours.

  • Keeping the premises Clean, Neat & Hygienic by using the eco-friendly chemicals.

  • Performing spotting of stain from Table, Chairs & Carpets where ever possible.

  • Spring cleaning Services ( on Saturdays) :
  • .Cleaning the A\C Flaps. Shelves, computers, Fax telephone, Photocopiers,
    artefacts if any , with Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions.
    Polish the brass \ steel knobs & panel strips.
    Completely clean movable furniture.
    Provide disinfectant treatment of Toilets , Water Closets & Wash Basins.

  • Supervisor:
  • An experienced Housekeeping Supervisor will be deputed per shift . This can be

  • done with your consent that will carry out the following duties :
    with your consent that will carry out the following duties:
  • Will plan and allocate the various activate of house keeping services to the staff

  • HK Staffs will be briefed about the work the work on day basis & as per priorities.

  • All the complaints \suggestion of your officials will attend by the supervisor.

  • He will report and accelerate about any major issues arising to the higher authorities.