We have the expertise for external cleaning services for curtain glass wall, concrete, tiles and aluminum wall cladding.

These glass cleaning services are executed by highly experienced professionals who guarantee high quality services and standards.

Clean buildings start with clean windows. This is the first impression to your staff and your clients alike and makes a huge difference to your image. We want to help you make the right impression by providing the right type of window cleaning, from traditional methods (cradles, mechanical access machinery and abseiling) to the more modern and safer Reach and Wash systems. In doing this we ensure all windows receive a thorough clean with the minimum of fuss.

High level cleaning is a specialist industrial cleaning service and should always be undertaken by a professional contractor. With experience in high level cleaning working across all sectors for industrial fabricators, food manufacturers and retail and leisure facilities, Pristine can clean all the higher areas of your premises.

At Sevens we take high level external cleaning services for commercial, hotels and office buildings. We have an efficient team who can carry out the task with ease without having any inconvenience to the clients.

To maintain your property we also offer other external cleaning services which are listed below.

  • Highrise external cleaning
  • WIndow Cleaning
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Dust removal